Moritex LED Illumination

Established in 1973, and based out of Japan, Moritex develops and sells a diverse range of lenses and illumination for image processing applications, which include Telecentric Lenses, Bi-Telecentric Lenses, FA lenses, coaxial illumination, ring LED lighting, and bar lighting.

High Power LED Spot Illumination

Coaxial Illumination

Simulated Coaxial Illumination

Simulated Coaxial Illumination for MTL Series

High Power Diffuser Ring Illumination

Direct Ring Illumination

Low Angle Ring Illumination

Shadowless Illumination

Square Bar Type Illumination

Bar Illumination

Brick Illumination

Collimated Backlights

Direct Backlights

Narrow Angle Backlights

Direct Backlights

Edge Type Backlights

IR Illumination

UV Illumination

Diffuse Chip Type Bar Illumination