Computar by CBC

Computar is a world leader in optics across many industries, including intelligent traffic systems, machine vision and factory automation, security, and medical imaging. Whatever your specific needs, Computar has a lens that will fit. A sampling of their best selling products is available below.


MPT Machine Vision 45 MP

Machine Vision

Computar H0514-MP2

$136.00 $0.00

Computar M0814-MP2

$120.00 $0.00

Computar M1214-MP2

$142.48 $0.00

Computar M1614-MP2

$112.00 $0.00

Computar M2514-MP2

$120.00 $0.00

Computar M3514-MP

$108.44 $0.00

Computar M5018-MP2

$138.00 $0.00

Computar M7528-MP

$181.56 $0.00

Telecentric Lenses

Industrial Megapixel Lenses

Board Level Lenses