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What We Do

We provide complete vision system solutions for a wide range of industries, including machine vision, autonomous vision, robotic and industrial vision, medical and microscopy, security CCTV, broadcast, military and government. Whether you are working on cutting edge machine vision technology or trying to maintain systems that rely on a mix of old and new technology, we stand ready to help your team design solutions or provide an unbiased third party review.

What Makes Us Different

We pride ourselves on our ability to build partnerships based on our technical know how and focus on service. Our deep technical knowledge and cross industry experience allows us to quickly identify solutions for all types of problems. We take great measures to stay up to date with relevant industry knowledge and product understanding. Our relationships with our manufacturing partners allow us to quickly find the best options for your requirements.

Industry Expertise

Our expertise consists of over 40 years experience in the electronics industry, including 24 years of vision systems design, operations and production management, components sourcing and procurement, manufacturing of SMT, PCBA and cable assemblies and BOM development. You can feel confident that you are receiving quality support when working with the Lore Tech team.


We keep our customers informed. Good news as well as challenges. No surprises.

Competitive Pricing

We work to offer the best pricing for your projects so that you can remain competitive in your market industry. We also can help you with solutions that will save you time and money. Our online store prices are not set. If you require a lower price than the price listed, let us know! We'll send over a specialized quote   immediately!

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