Since 1999, Watec has been providing a complete line of miniature and low light cameras for surveillance, law enforcement, image processing, medical imaging, factory automation, astronomy, and the military industry.

Watec’s high quality cameras are manufactured in Japan and carry a reputation of an incredibly long use-life, with 10+ year durability.

Watec cameras are particularly popular in applications demanding incredibly compact size, as well as applications requiring superior images in very low light environments.

Monochrome Low Lux Camera Series


$444.00 $0.00

Watec WAT 902B Camera

$330.00 $380.00

Board Camera Series

Watec 1100MBD P2.1 F2 NTSC Camera

$634.00 $923.00

Watec 1100MBD P3.3 PAL

$612.00 $0.00

Watec WAT-1100MBD G3.6 Camera

$626.00 $915.00

Watec 1100MBD P3.3

$636.00 $923.00

Miniature Series

Watec 240E CB G3.8

$260.00 $0.00

Watec 240E CB G3.8

$260.00 $0.00

Watec WAT 933IP

$867.00 $0.00

Watec 1200CS

$712.00 $0.00

Water Resistant Series

Watec WAT 320D/W

$1,396.00 $0.00

Watec WAT 400D2

$999.00 $0.00

Watec 200DW W/MOD2

$2,438.00 $3,927.00

HD Series

Watec 2200Mk2

$1,062.00 $0.00

Watec 2400S

$799.00 $0.00