JAI SW-4000T-SFP-F Camera

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JAI SW-4000T-SFP-F 4K prism line scan camera SFP+, 3-CMOS R-G-B, F-Mount, 97 kHz Camera

The Sweep+ Series comprises 3-sensor R-G-B and 4-sensor R-G-B-NIR or R-G-B-SWIR line scan cameras for industrial machine vision applications.They features state-off-the-art prism technology providing the best possible performance, precision, and versatility for line scan imaging in continuous production flows.
Typical applications include high-speed web inspection of paper, plastic, film, textiles, tile and lumber, as well as color print inspection and inspection in the food processing industry. The CMOS sensors are precisely-aligned on a dichroic beam-splitter prism to a common optical path, making them perfect for belt sorting and free-fall applications where the constant changes in speed and direction of items can be problematic for the spatial compensation algorithms in trilinear and quadlinear cameras.
Sweep+ Series cameras equipped with four CMOS sensors provide multispectral capabilities by simultaneously capturing R-G-B color image data in the visible light spectrum plus image data in the near infrared (NIR) or short wave infrared (SWIR) light spectrum.

With efficient manufacturing facilities and reliable and durable technology, these color line scan cameras are available at good price/performance points offering low cost of ownership and supreme color line scan image quality for the most demanding machine vision applications.
Vendor: JAI SKU: SW-4000T-SFP-F Weight: 1.98 lb
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