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Steve C.

Chief Production Officer

Thank you Maria for staying after this and helping us coordinate with Basler. I wish every partner was as proactive, persistent and responsive as you’ve been!  Greatly appreciated!

K. Dehart

Purchasing Manager

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you Andre for the prompt response as well as the phone call to inform me.

It’s rare to find such great service nowadays. I really appreciate it!

R. Silva

I would like to thank you for all your service. You always kept me informed about every step of the purchase and always looked for the
best alternatives to serve me as quickly as possible. You and your team were always available and always quick to support and send information. Thank you for everything!

Pat H.

Mechanical Engineer

I can not speak high enough praise for Maria and the rest of her team! Her timely responses and punctuality allow our team to deliver the best research products for our customers. Maria is professional, knowledgeable, and does an excellent job at communication during the entire procurement process.

Andrew M.

Mechatronics Engineer

I have been working with Maria to buy imaging sensors and camera components. I am an engineer and I work with many different sales reps in designing our machine vision solution for agriculture. Maria has consistently been the most helpful and responsive sales rep that I have the pleasure of working with. She is able to get me the components I need on schedule. She also gives me detailed insight into the supply chain so that I can make purchasing decisions in advance.

N Kulkarni

Dept of Materials Science

I highly appreciate the help that Maria has extended during procurement of Flir Camera and Tamron Lens. She clarified all our queries regarding performance and integration of the system.

Van Horn


I would also like to thank you for the wonderful experience working with you! You have always had our best interest and helped so much in getting the system up and running.

E Hueners

Operations Manager

When faced with supply chain uncertainties, it is vital to have the Darlene and Lore Tech team on your side. Her prompt and knowledgeable responses have allowed us to navigate successfully through camera challenges that risked shutting down our production line. They have always worked with us to find the optimal solution to our lead time issues  to keep our production running!

R Zakoor


I appreciate all your hard work. You always try to keep me informed and take extra steps to make sure we cover our butts. Not a lot of our suppliers do that for us.

D Rosenfeld

Thank you for assisting us with the lens and working under our strict deadline. The ability to get the lens so quickly was a huge help to us!

Featured In Stock Items

Custom Services Specialty Engineered Solutions

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Kowa LM5JC1M

$410.00 $0.00

Basler daA1280-54um

$189.00 $0.00

Flir ACC-01-2401

$36.00 $0.00

Flir ACC-01-5005

$13.00 $0.00

Kowa LM6JC

$114.00 $0.00

Panavise 845-256

$24.00 $0.00


$435.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR ACC-01-2301

$38.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-U3-200S6M-C

$695.00 $0.00


$196.00 $0.00

Watec 2400S

$799.00 $0.00

Watec WAT-1100MBD G3.6 Camera

$626.00 $915.00

Watec WAT 933IP

$867.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-PGE-31S4M-C

$526.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-U3-123S6M-C

$2,999.00 $0.00


$450.00 $0.00

Watec WAT-902H2 SUPREME Camera

$336.00 $0.00

Watec WAT 902B Camera

$330.00 $380.00

Computar V0828-MPY2

$605.22 $0.00

Computar M0814-MP2

$138.70 $0.00

Computar M1214-MP2

$142.48 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-PGE-200S6M-C

$594.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-U3-120S4C-CS

$456.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-U3-51S5M-C

$1,206.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-PGE-23S3M-C

$358.00 $0.00

Teledyne Flir BFS-PGE-50S4M-C

$850.00 $0.00

Teledyne FLIR BFS-U3-122S6C-C

$1,912.00 $0.00

Computar MLH-10X Lens

$320.00 $0.00

Computar H0514-MP2

$166.44 $0.00

Computar M5018-MP2

$138.00 $0.00


$390.00 $0.00


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