Tamron MA23F35V

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2/3", f=35mm, F/2.4, Manual iris, w/lock, compact, 8MP

2/3", f=35mm, F/2.4, Manual iris, w/lock, compact, 8MP
  • Compatible with 2/3" imagers, supporting 2.74µm pixel-pitch and max 8-mega pixel resolution, offering resolution and contrast outperforming other Ø29mm machine-vision lenses.

  • Significant reduction of TV distortion compared with previous models. Specification: MA23F08V: -0.6% / MA23F25V: -0.01% / MA23F35V: 0.04%

  • High contrast and resolution at commonly used close-up distances.

  • Thorough inspection is performed on the imaging resolution from the center to the periphery, warranting high-contrast and high-resolution without unbalanced blurring throughout the entire lens view.

  • Newly designed mechanism improves on anti-vibration and anti-shock performance compared with previous models, limiting the optical (image) deflection to less than 10m even for the severe impact of vibrations and shocks of max 10G of magnitude.
    *Vibration frequency 10-60Hz (amplitude 0.75mm), vibration frequency 60-200Hz (acceleration 100m/s2), and the number of cycles: 50 cycles.

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