Spacecom VZ2465RP-IR-MP-4W

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1" 4MP Zoom, 24-65mm F2.0, P-iris, IR, 4-wire

1" 4MP Zoom, 24-65mm F2.0, P-iris, IR, 4-wire

High-performance CMOS image sensor of 1 inch or 1 / 1.2 inch is also supported without peripheral vignetting. This lens is ideal for car number recognition system and is excellent in outdoor performance specialization such as improvement of transmittance in the near infrared wavelength range at night (850 nm best) and optical correction of focus deviation due to temperature change.

F does not drop in the zoom range. This lens design has the front lens diameter larger than the entrance pupil diameter on the telephoto side so that F drop does not occur.

Vendor: Spacecom Product Type: PHYSICAL SKU: RDP66 Weight: 3.0 lb
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