Kowa LM16JCM-V

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2/3" 16mm JCM-V Series Ruggedized Megapixel

2/3" 16mm JCM-V Series Ruggedized Megapixel


The Kowa LM16JCM-V features high durability and high optical performance, ideal for a wide range of machine vision applications.

The LM16JCM-V is suited for megapixel applications requiring a sensor size of 2/3" (Φ11mm) or smaller. It boasts a unique mechanical design to guard against strong vibration & shock and a two way reversible nut to tightly lock the focus adjustment ring in place.
All internal glass elements are glued to the inside housing to improve durability.

Ships in 1-3 days. Full manufacture warranty.

Authorized Kowa distributor.

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