Fujifilm CF50ZA-1S

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Fujinon 23 Megapixel 1.1" Format Lens


Fujinon 23 Megapixel 1.1" Format Lens
Fujinon CF-ZA-1S series supports large high-resolution sensor of 1.2" type with 2.74?m pixel pitch (equivalent to 24 mega-pixel) or 1.1" type with 2.5µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 23 mega-pixel). The relative illumination reaches up to above 90%*1, and a clear image can be obtained from the image center to the peripheral area.

In general, the illumination of the peripheral area of the image is determined by "relative illumination" and "chief ray angle (CRA)". CF-ZA-1S series adopts the original optical design of Fuji film with the relative illumination up to above 90%*2 (lens monomer) and supports 1.2" type large sensor, and restrains CRA below 5 degrees. Because the two are relatively balanced to each other, the clear and bright image can be obtained from the peripheral area.


Focal length [mm]50
Iris range (F. no)F2.4-F16
Angle of view16.6°×12.5°
Working Distance*6(mm)∞‐200
Operation of focusManual
Operation of irisManual
Filter thread [mm]M37.5 x 0.5
Weight (approx.) [g]155
Sensor size (std.)*71.1" (2.5μm)
1.2" (2.74μm)
Sensor size (max.)*84/3" (3.45μm)
CRA (Chief Ray Angle)4.8
TV distortion [%]-0.17
Dimension [mm]φ39×68