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FS-3200T-10GE-NNC Fusion Series Multispectral Area Scan Camera 1/1.8" CMOS IMX252 107 fps (NIR, NIR & Bayer Color)

JAI FS-3200T-10GE-NNC (NIR, NIR & Bayer Color) IMX252 Sensor, 3 x 2064 x 1544 Resolution, 1/1.8" CMOS 107 fps

JAI's FS-3200T-10GE-NNC is a 3-CMOS multispectral prism camera providing simultaneous images of three different spectral bands in a single camera - a visible color channel from 400-670 nm, a near infrared (NIR) channel from 700-800 nm, and a second NIR channel from 820-1000 nm. This makes it possible to simultaneously detect or inspect visible elements, as well as analyze materials or defects using their spectral characteristics within a single NIR band or when combined across both NIR bands. A backwards-compatible 10 GigE interface provides exceptional speed and networking flexibility.