DFK MKU226-10x22

DFK MKU226-10x22
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DFK MKU226-10x22 USB 3.0 Industrial Camera Color IMX226CQJ 1/1.7" 12 MP 30 Max FPS Rollling Shutter

DFK MKU226-10x22 USB 3.0 Industrial Camera Color IMX226CQJ 1/1.7" 12 MP 30 Max FPS Rollling Shutter


The new microscopy eyepiece cameras feature Sony's 12 MP IMX226 STARVIS sensors and offer imaging solutions for a variety of demanding microscopy applications. The color and monochrome camera models are available with a USB 3.0 interface.

The camera is inserted directly into the microscope (replacing the eyepiece) and displays on-screen the image a viewer otherwise sees when looking through the eyepiece. With stereo microscopes, stereo images (i.e. depth images) can be easily generated with two eyepiece cameras.
The cameras are very light sensitive and are characterized by excellent image quality and high color fidelity. The free software, IC Measure, allows the user to set all camera parameters such as exposure time, contrast, brightness, color saturation, refresh rate, HDR and gamma. IC Measure also provides tools for calibration, measuring (lengths, angles, circles), labeling and archiving.
The cameras and the included software deliver an unbeatable combination with an outstanding price-performance ratio.
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