As of March 2021, Lore+ Technology has acquired Wilco Imaging to offer a larger support team, a wider range of products, and sales technicians with over 20 years of industry experience! Since 2003, we have been offering a variety of customization and specialized services to fit unique application requirements to suit our clients’ varied and precise needs. We create custom imaging components, design exceptional products, and deliver the very best in imaging technology.

Our comprehensive services are listed below, please contact us for more information, pricing, or general inquiries.

Custom Services

Sensor Glass Removal

Wilco has been addressing client sensor glass modification needs for years now. The process is simple, let us know the camera model number, the required epoxy, the quantity, and we’ll send a quote and do the rest! Unsure if you need cover glass removal? Our engineer can address all of your questions and concerns. For more information please download our sensor glass removal flier below, and email us to get started.

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Sensor & Filter Cleaning

We offer sensor cleaning services to eliminate contaminants and debris in uncovered sensors to restore the sensor to its original like-new conditions. Our technicians use a precise method to safely remove the debris with a polymer solution. and perform extensive quality checks before sending the cleaned units back to you.

Filter Installation

Installation and alignment of custom filters and masks down to an accuracy of 1 micron.

Turnkey Systems

Opto Mechanical Assemblies

Optics customization including: C/CS Mount Removal, opto mechanical ruggedization, filter installation, optical testing, alignment, focusing


We offer extensive PCB customization through hole soldering, custom layout, testing & inspection, conformal coatings, and rework

Opto Electrical Assemblies

Customize & manufacture electrical components around cameras and lenses. Services include: connector installation, mil-spec, testing, and custom components. We also build standard and custom cables.

Design & Development


CAD modeling and development of ideas through a unique process that leads to new products.


3D printing or CNC machining technology, our preliminary models bring your ideas to life!

Contract Manufacturing

Small batch manufacturing 5 to 500 unit runs of custom imaging systems and components. We provide high-quality hand-built systems conforming to rigorous standards and demands both from customers and the environments that the systems operate.

Exclusively at Wilco Imaging

Videology Industrial-Grade Cameras - An InTEST Company

Videology cameras are now available at Wilco Imaging. Wilco Imaging is 1 of just 3 authorized distributors in the Americas, Middle & Far East, and Australia. Videology produces 150,000+ units annually, most in the USA, and is the recipient of many OEM Top-Supplier accolades. Offering a complete vision line of photo ID cameras, board level cameras, zoom block cameras, and miniature cased box cameras. This comprehensive line is used in a wide range of applications such as bio-medical devices, life sciences, aerospace, and diagnostic imaging, among others.

As of 2022, Wilco Imaging now carries the complete Videology line. View the webpage for more information, or email them directly if your model is not listed.

Zebra Technology

Zebra Technology Machine Vision Scanners: Now Available at Wilco Imaging

Wilco Imaging is pleased to announce a new partnership with Zebra Technologies. Now carrying the complete line of machine vision smart cameras, barcode readers, scanners, industrial and mobile printers, ID card printers, medical grade scanners, temperature monitoring devices, RFID, tablets, and mobile robots.
As new authorized Zebra resellers, our sales team has ungone Zebra machine vision training, and are now Zebra Machine Vision Certified to offer our clients only the best in guidance, support, and information.

Zebra has specific product tailored to a variety of different industries including retail, warehouse/distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation/logistics, hospitality, energy, banking, and the public sector.

For more information view the complete webpage here.