The Kowa American Corp provides high quality optics, lenses, and medical imaging products. Kowa is renowned for their high quality, precision optics that perform even in the most extreme conditions. Kowa’s focus on leading edge technology, machine technology, and traditional optical technology provides vision solutions for all users.

Kowa is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality lenses for a wide range of applications, including their XC Series of machine vision lenses. Contact a representative for more information on which Kowa lenses will best suit your project.

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Kowa JC3M2 Series

**Discontinuance Phase. Please inquire for suggested replacement.

The Kowa JC3M2 lenses are 2/3” 3 megapixel fixed focal lenses that feature Kowa’s floating mechanism design for eliminating optical aberrations from close to infinity. The JC3M2 lenses have a fast stop, locking screws, and a compact design. Available in focal lengths of 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm, these lenses are well suited for Sony IMX series sensors.

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